A collection of recent space organization projects
we completed, showing the before and after.

kids PLAYROOM - before

The Problem: Shelves are empty and toys are all over the floor. Everywhere. This room was missing permanent designated areas for all the toys and games.


The Solution: We added functional and simple storage units for easy pre and post-play organization.
Look at all that space!

Shoe closet - before

The Problem: The client complained that she wasn't able to see all her shoes in one view - to the point where she forgot what shoes she has...

shoe closet - AFTER

The Solution: We replaced the metal stands with a simple 3-deck shoe rack. This offers full display of ALL shoes at any given moment. In addition, all shoes are pointing outward, and offer easy access for taking out and putting back any pair.

utility closet - BEFORE

The Problem: Small, super-cramped utility shelves for cleaning products, soaps and laundry supplies. And here's a tricky question; where's the utility sink?

utility closet - AFTER

The Solution: We reorganized the shelves in a way that makes all the products on them visible and within reach. Similar products are grouped together. We've also managed to clear the clutter around the sink area (there it is!). Now the utility space can actually be utilized.

linen CLOSET - before

The Problem: Lack of logic (and order) in the textiles cramped on the shelves. A mix of clothes, towels and sheets all in one messy place makes it very hard to find what you're looking for, when you need it.


The Solution: We reorganized the closet so that each shelf contains a single category of textiles; sheets, towels & bath, and clothes. Plus, everything is visible so there's not need to go through piles of stuff to find that pillow case!

storage room - BEFORE

The Problem: The image says it all. This busy family's space was more of a dumping pit than a storage room. It lacked the proper spatial organization; there was practically no room to maneuver, let alone reach the farthest corner. 


The Solution: We installed simple wooden shelves and cloth baskets for super-easy, durable storage and organization. Now the family members can easily walk around the storage room where everything is visible and within reach. And you can actually see the floor :)

jewelry collection - BEFORE

The Problem: One very cluttered drawer where, apart from a couple of boxed jewelry pieces, all necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings were stuffed together into one big mess.

jewelry collection - AFTER

The Solution: We used simple, transparent plastic jewelry trees for organizing everything. Now necklaces, bracelets and earrings are neatly displayed and accessible. Our goal in this project was to make taking jewelry out and putting it back as easy as possible. No more tangled jewelry or even forgetting what's in your collection when in a hurry to head out.

home office - BEFORE

The Problem: It's pretty obvious; cramped, cluttered and mega-chaotic working station. This is not the tranquil environment for getting work done.

home office - AFTER

The Solution: We cleaned the desk from all the papers, documents and notes, and filed them all elsewhere in the room. Now the desk is clean, you can actually see (and comfortably use) the printer, and the owner can get work done without any distractions or frustrations.

Maybe your space will be next? 
It's time to get rid of the clutter, the visual noise and the guilt.