Founded by former producer-turned mom Sarit Clarke, the EHIP team transforms spaces and the lives of the people who live and work in them.



To help you reclaim your peace of mind and rid yourself of the physical noise that surrounds you at home. That way you can channel your energy from feeling frustrated and inefficient to doing what you love and enjoying every minute of it.

Being a working mom with ADHD has taught me how to prioritize fast and efficiently. This allows me and the EHIP team to create an accessible and simple environment for our clients - one that lasts for years.
— Sarit Clarke, EHIP



Sarit started her career working with families as a nanny, and after completing her degree in media studies she worked in advertising as a producer.

In 2006 Sarit had her first child and found herself running a tight ship at home: scheduling everything, cooking dinner, setting date nights with her husband, meeting friends and also enjoying some alone time. Friends would ask her how she managed to stay calm and organized while juggling everything. 

She would simply reply: "Everything Has Its Place."

Today, the ever-busy mother of two is the fiery engine behind EHIP. The company has since grown to become a fully-booked business with a steady growing pool of reformed clients in New York and Tel Aviv.



“This is an incredible service run by an extremely helpful, intelligent and organized, calm professional (and mom...) named Sarit. She came into my home and changed my cabinets transformed, kids room organized...and all my paperwork going where it should..I feel soooo much better about my home...which makes for a happier family, overall.”
— Cecilia Arana

“Already during the consultation stage Sarit shed light on a few points that could be easily changed and immediately improve our life. We now live and work by the schedule she developed and from day one saw the significant improvements in the way we use our time and the quality of life brought on by the efficiency.”
— Varda & Uzi

“Sarit has been helping me take control over my never ending clutter. The dining table is now back to its original use, the living room is an adult space again and not a child toy store, and the child’s room is a child’s room. Her advice was easy to manage, stress free and has been standing the test of time.”
— Anat

Join the growing number of EHIP clients who have reclaimed their life balance and enjoy an organized, happy home.